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info/CWS undoapi : SfxUndoManager rework


          Type: info
         Title: SfxUndoManager rework
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
         TaskId: i33781
Effective from: CWS undoapi
    CWS status: new

* removed various unused methods
* removed various unused method parameters
* replace USHORT, where referencing a stack size, with size_t
+ bool SfxUndoManager::IsDoing() const
+ bool SfxUndoManager::IsInListAction() const
+ size_t SfxUndoManager::GetListActionDepth() const
+ class SfxUndoListener
+ SfxUndoManager::Add/RemoveUndoListener
* outsourced remaining public interface into ::svl::IUndoManager
+ typedef sal_Int32 UndoStackMark;
+ UndoStackMark SfxUndoManager::MarkTopUndoAction();
+ void SfxUndoManager::RemoveMark( UndoStackMark );
+ bool SfxUndoManager::HasTopUndoActionMark(
    UndoStackMark );
+ void SfxUndoManager::RemoveOldestUndoActions( size_t );

- SfxUndoManager* GetUndoManager();
+ ::svl::IUndoManager* GetUndoManager();
- void SetUndoManager( SfxUndoManager* );
+ void SetUndoManager( ::svl::IUndoManager* );

- SfxUndoManager& GetUndoManager();
+ ::svl::IUndoManager& GetUndoManager();

SfxUndoManager got some refactoring love in CWS undoapi - see the
above list for details on the changes in its public API.

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