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info/CWS undoapi : new: ::comphelper::FlagRestorationGuard


          Type: info
         Title: new: ::comphelper::FlagRestorationGuard
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
         TaskId: i33781
Effective from: CWS undoapi
    CWS status: new

+ <comphelper/flagguard.hxx>
+ class FlagRestorationGuard

FlagRestorartionGuard is a specialization of ::comphelper::ScopeGuard,
encapsulating the often-seen pattern of setting a certain boolean flag
to some value, and ensuring that it is reset to its previous value
upon leaving the current scope.
    FlagRestorationGuard aGuard( bSomeFlag, true );
  } // bSomeFlag will be reset to the value it had at the beginning of
the scope

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