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info/CWS undoapi : new: framework::UndoManagerHelper


          Type: info
         Title: new: framework::UndoManagerHelper
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
         TaskId: i33781
Effective from: CWS undoapi
    CWS status: new

+ <framework/undomanagerhelper.hxx>
+ framework::IUndoManagerImplementation
  + IUndoManager& getImplUndoManager() = 0;
  + Reference< XInterface > getThis() = 0;
+ framework::UndoManagerHelper

UndoManagerHelper is a class greatly simplifying the implementation of
the new css.document.XUndoManager interface, taking care of all this
thread-safety stuff, and the like.

See the header file for a detailed documentation.

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