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info/cws fwk103 : Additional loggin UNO API.

Mikhail Voytenko

          Type: info
         Title: Additional loggin UNO API.
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: all
         TaskId: i101356
Effective from: cws fwk103
    CWS status: new

+ interface ::com::sun::star::logging::XSimpleLogRing
+ service ::com::sun::star::logging::SimpleLogRing
+ singleton ::com::sun::star::logging::DocumentIOLogRing

The singleton ::com::sun::star::logging::DocumentIOLogRing is intended
to be used during the document storing process. It is filled with the
messages from the most important framework parts of the storing source
code including document error setting. Because of limited size it is
reccomended not to use the singleton without communication with the
source code owner.

The service ::com::sun::star::logging::SimpleLogRing is a base for the
mentioned singleton and can be used in other implementations.

Please see the IDL files for details.

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