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[installation-dev] Java GUI Installation Wizard for OpenOffice.org 2.3

Ingo Schmidt

in OpenOffice.org 2.3 we want to introduce a Java GUI Installation
Wizard to simplify the installation process on Unix platforms. In a
first step, this wizard will support the installation of Linux-RPMs and
Solaris packages. Additional package formats will be added.

On Linux the installation will be possible without root privileges. This
can be achieved by using a local RPM database. Therefore it will be
possible to install many OpenOffice.org next to each other.

An installation set consists of the Java Installer included in a
jar-file, an executable file “setup”, that  searches for an installed
Java and starts the installation and of course of packages (RPMs or
Solaris packages) that contain the Openoffice.org files. Additionally we
introduced “XML package description”-files (.xpd). Each package requires
one xpd-file. Below is a code snippet of the xpd file for the
“OpenOffice.org Writer” package. It contains tags for the visible module
name and module description, size, checksum, order of appearance in
“Module Selection”-dialog and some other installation relevant
information more. Most tags are easy to understand:

<package name="gid_Module_Prg_Wrt" parent="gid_Module_Prg">
   <display type="show">
     <name lang="en_US">OpenOffice.org Writer</name>
     <name lang="de">OpenOffice.org Writer</name>
     <description lang="en_US">Create and ...</description>
     <description lang="de">Erstellen und ...</description>
   <installunit type="rpm">

During startup the Java Installer reads all available xpd files, creates
the component tree, that is offered in the “Module Selection”-dialog and
checks the existence and version of the packages. Therefore it is
possible to add or remove packages dynamically, even after an
installation set was successfully created.
If you create OpenOffice.org installation sets in cvs module
“instsetoo_native” this xpd files are created automatically for each
package. If you change an existing installation set, you have to adapt
the xpd files manually.

Preview Installation sets with the Java GUI Installation Wizard are
already available for Linux, Solaris-Sparc and Solaris x86. They can be
downloaded from:


Please feel free to download and test this installation sets and give us
feedback. This will help us to improve the quality of OpenOffice.org 2.3.



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