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       Product: Installation
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         Title: Three-Layer Installations
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Effective from: cws_src680_sb83

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As detailed at
after the integration of CWS sb83 office installations are split in
three.  While there is still a single installation set for an office
product, the contained files are not all installed into a single
directory tree, but there are now three directory trees:

The URE tree contains the UNO runtime environment (potentially even
shared with other kinds of products).

The basis tree contains most of the office files, all those that can
be shared across differently branded office products.

The brand tree contains just the brand specific files.  The path of
this tree is identical to the path of the complete, pre-sb83
installation sets (e.g., /opt/openoffice.org2.4 on Unix---shift to
/opt/openoffice.org3.0 will happen on another, independent CWS), and
all client-facing (executable) files are also located in this tree
(e.g., /opt/openoffice.org2.4/program/soffice), so that the
restructuring should be more or less invisible for clients.

Things that are still open:

- Multiple simultaneously installed office products (e.g., OOo plus
StarOffice) do not yet share the URE and basis trees.  Depending on
platform, trying to install multiple office products system-wide will
result in error for now, but having multiple "userland installations"
works in all cases.  This will be fixed in a forthcoming CWS, also
targeting OOo 3.0 (that will also have to address remaining open
issues regarding updating).

- The (sharable) parts of the various products are not yet identical.
 Work is ongoing toward OOo 3.0 to either remove the remaining
differences or move them to the brand layer.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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