kde dependencies can't be removed?

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kde dependencies can't be removed?

Compiling from the trunk with
  --disable-kde and --disable-kde4
can't be completed here (diagnostics follows).
I have no KDE4 installed, only KDE5 and TDE.

1) Where to look to try to unhook that KDE

2) The Trinity DE (KDE3 analogue) can't be
dropped-in (--enable-kde --disable-kde4). Is it
worth it to try to make it compile? There's a
lot of namespace changes.

The diagnostics:

Entering [...]/main/postprocess/packcomponents

: &&
--nonet --stringparam prefix
-o ../unxlngx6.pro/misc/services.rdb \

warning: failed to load external entity
cannot process
error: file ../unxlngx6.pro/misc/services.input
xsltRunStylesheet : run failed
dmake:  Error code 11, while making

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