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[l10n-issues] [Issue 57465] New - commandbutton images not visible in Help

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                  Issue #:|57465
                  Summary:|commandbutton images not visible in Help
        Status whiteboard:|
               Issue type:|DEFECT
              Assigned to:|pjanik
              Reported by:|vagula

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Mon Nov  7 05:41:32 -0800 2005 -------
This issue is for m137 really, but this milestone is not listed.
The images from images.zip/res/commandimagelist are not visible in Estonian
localized help, empty placeholder is displayed instead.
Links show to ../images.zip/res/commandimagelist/et/***.png
ET-directory does not exist. We have not submitted these images, because we use
default images.
In 2.0 link showed to ../images.zip/res/commandimagelist/***.png and it was OK.
Pavel: as you told, Czech localization uses also default images, but your
directory is created both in 2.0 and m137 (in 2.0 it was unnecessary?)
I'd say that old behaviour was better, as this avoided hundreds copies of same
images in installation sets (as seen, not in all cases). I dont know, what to do
to fix this, of course there is no problem for me to provide these images as
copy of default ones, but has this sense?

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