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emnej wrote:
>1. What would be the best way to change the word list into a format that
>can be used by Hunspell?

As Tajik is an Iranian language, it is an agglutinating one, right? That means, it expresses relations primarily using word endings?

If yes, I suggest you to check the Hungarian tree (http://magyarispell.sf.net). If it is a language using flections, like German, that is, partly endings and partly prepositions, to express relations, then I suggest you to check the German affix/dic files, http://lingucomponent.openoffice.org/spell_dic.html , there the de_DE_comb collection.

>2. Currently, Tajik (only 6 million native speakers) is not a language
>that is selectable in the list of default languages. Once we have the
>dictionary, would it be possible to add it?

6 million speakers is a reasonably large count. I see no reason, why it could not be added to the list. Richard Holt could possibly assist you in this.

Regards, Eleonora

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