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macOS and 4.2.0-dev status

Jim Jagielski
So far, I've been struggling w/ the various updates made
to the 4.2.0-dev branch over the last few months, with "porting"
some module to gbuild as well as some modules also being
moved to UDK versioning....

The latest drama is that some files are now being
reported as missing:

ERROR: ERROR: Missing files
in function: remove_Files_Without_Sourcedirectory
in function: remove_Files_Without_Sourcedirectorystopping log at Thu Jul  5 15:25:15 2018
ERROR: The following files could not be found:
ERROR: File not found: libjpipe.jnilib
ERROR: File not found: libjvmaccesss5abi.dylib.3
ERROR: File not found: libjvmfwk.dylib.3
ERROR: File not found: libreg.dylib.3
ERROR: File not found: libstore.dylib.3
... cleaning the output tree ...
... removing directory /var/folders/_p/nx0kp5h157197n6ssf35ft7h0000gn/T/ooopackaging/i_461091530818711 ...
Error: ERROR: Missing files

As you can see, most are due to the UDK versioning stuff that
I can't seem to convince the build system to ignore for macOS.

Does anyone know where and how that list of missing files is derived from?
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