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[marketing] Computerworld Honors Program

Louis Suárez-Potts
We've been invited to nominate our favourite programme for recognition by the Computerworld Honors Program (https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/newreg.php?eventid=16947).  There are several categories we could arguably find relevant, but none is a precise fit.

They are:
        • Collaboration
        • Digital Access
        • Economic Opportunity
        • Emerging Technology
        • Environment
        • Health
        • Human Services
        • Innovation
        • Safety & Security
        • Training/Education

I'll nominate OOo for one (if not more) of the categories. Given the vast breadth of the suite, what it's done, what it is doing, and what it can do, for both regular and corporate/gov't. users, we can surely find ourselves in the "Digital Access" or "Collaboration" or "Training/Education" categories.

But what would help would be instances, examples of OOo working in those areas. So, I ask the members here to suggest specific examples of OOo in any of the categories you find interesting.

Our deadline is 25 Feb., but I naturally would like to finalize this before then.

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