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[math] vertical alignment of formula in text

J-Marc Gervais

I'm new here, and I've searched in archive and not found this thread;
please excuse me if it was already discussed...

OOo-Math formulas in OOo-Writer are not correctly verticaly aligned on
text base line (default = centered). They are considered like images.
But it is not correct, for a formula like "1 over {2 + 1 over 3}" and
many others...

Man can align manualy each formula, with mouse and more precisely with
Alt+arrows-keys. But when resizing formulas, alignment has to be
modified again.

OOo permits writing good and quick texts containing formulas (you can
add a GPL tool like Dmaths.org to increase possibilities and speed),
except this problem.

It's the #972 issue on IssueZilla, so you can add your votes to make my
dream become reality ;-)

Thank you !
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