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multi user in Openoffice 2.0

Ingrid De Meersman
Up to now I had OpenOffice version 1.4 on my linux server in a multi-user
environment. To install this, I had to do first a server installation as
user "root" and than per user, a workstation installation. This creates an
openoffice directory under the users home dir.
Now I want to pass to the version 2.0. As I read in your documentation, it
recommanded to do no upgrade but a complete reinstallation. I'm trying this
out on my testmachine. I downloaden the installation documentation and
followed de installation steps and did the installation correctly via rpm
I discovered that after the installation there are no openoffice dir.
in de users home dir. I tried to startup office under the user but this is
working as he doesn't find the program soffice.
I found nothing in the documentation about multi-user environment. Can you
tell me how it works in this version? Do I also have to do an extra
installation per user or is this not necessary anymore? What should I do
exactly to make it work?



Ingrid De Meersman

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