my TestLink extractions so far...what to do with them

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my TestLink extractions so far...what to do with them

Kay Schenk-2
Hello all --

I now have 589 manual test cases extracted from TestLink ready to put
*somewhere*. I think ultimately it would be good to use them
(individually or as a group in a zipped file) eventually in BZ so
feedback on each case could be given easily as QA volunteers test.

These do not include 516 cases devoted to the sidebar testing.

Currently, they are still html files but they render more or less OK in
my Firefox browser without incident. There is ONE stylesheet file which
applies to all of them which could be placed in the same directory to
make things a bit nicer to view.

Many of these "cases" are used for specialized testing on a given aspect
of AOO. The former QA team had reasons for these tests I assume. SO, not
all of them might be used generally.

What I think would be a good idea for now would be to establish a new
subdirectory under
maybe called "test_cases" and just put them all there for inspection or
use. Any feedback on this idea?

(additional followup: Downloading the cases took a while. After that, I
spent some time cleaning up the test case file names, etc to be
compatible with *nix systems. I also pre-pended a numerical index number
to each file for easier reference later even though each case already
had a number assigned to it.)


"Ring out the false, ring in the true."
  -- poem "In Memoriam", Alfred Lord Tennyson

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