need sample xml file for input to writer

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need sample xml file for input to writer

Gary Aitken
Hi all,

I need to generate an odt file with text and links to image files.  
I've looked briefly at the 700+ page spec but am trying to save myself
a lot of time as I need to produce the output asap for some volunteer
work I'm doing, so...

Can anyone provide me with a bare-bones XML file that can be read into

It was my understanding an odt could be a straight xml document.
The simple odt documents I've looked at are not xml, but zip files.
Unzipping one leaves a number of files, including one called
"content.xml".  If I attempt to load only that file, I get an empty
(at least it looks empty) document in Math, not Writer.

What's the magic to get the xml file opened in Writer?

I know I can unpack a simple odt and replace the content.xml file and
then rewrite the .odt, read it into writer (which complains about
corruption) and write it back out to get a good .odt.  But that seems
like a bad way of going about it and I'd like to be able to generate
a simple xml that loads ok.

Many thanks for any hints.


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