[qa-dev] new EIS feature: seeking for Childworksspaces which need a QA Representative

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[qa-dev] new EIS feature: seeking for Childworksspaces which need a QA Representative

Bernd Eilers

Hi there!

eis.services.openoffice.org has got a new feature which improves
ChildWorkspace-handling between developers and QA. Developers often have
some problems finding QA members who would want to do QA for their new
Childworkspaces. Therefore the "QA Representative" field of the
Childworkspace data can now be left empty as long as the Childworkspace
is in status "planned" or "new". The QA can than use the new Menu Entry
"ChildWorkspaces / SeekQA" to get a list of all those Childworkspaces
which have an owner but no QA representative yet. The list shown
displays the Childworkspace name, the Owner ( with a mailto: link) and
the description of the Childworkspace. When you click on the name more
information on the Childworkspace can be retrieved. When you click on
the owner name your mailer should open to send a mail to the
Childworkspace owner. A QA member would use this to express willingness
of doing QA for the Childworkspace to the owner. After the owner
receives such a mail he/she would decide to accept one as QA
representative and add the corresponding email address as QA
representative for the Childworkspace.

Additionally some more requirements have been dropped for Childworkspace
data when the CWS is in status "new" or "planned". Only the "Level of
impact" field is required in this state, everything else is optional but
must be set if the CWS is set to state "ready for QA". If even in doubt
about how to set the "Level of impcat field" you can set it to
"Implemenation only" first and eventually change it later.

Kind regards,
Bernd Eilers ( EIS Maintainer )

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