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Άρης Αθ. Τσάνης
Good morning, Congratulations for your software!
I try to use OpenOffice Draw and I would like to ask the following question.
I create a "plegma" from the "styling" tool of the menu ( blue 0 degrees, black 0 degrees etc)
During the print, I notice that every 4 - 5 cm there is a line added among the specified increment. For example if the increment is 0.5 cm, there is a line in 0.20cm.
Why this is happens?
I would like to use the "plegma" as a drafting paper.
We used to call these papers "kahree".
This added line, is a preselection of the program, having to do with this "kahree" standards, and it is helpful for the eye during drafting? How I could create an exact "millimetre" paper?
Aris A Tsanis, Dipl. Civil Engineer NTUAthens


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Άρης Αθ. Τσάνης, Πολιτικός Μηχανικός