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[renew discussion] CMS system migration

Peter Kovacs-3
Hello all,

the discussion which derived from the git migration somewhere stopped.
Lets sum up and try to continue.

We need to change the CMS. We had 2 baselines and 2 suggested approaches.

1) We move to the new CMS static page parser pelican Infra moves, too.

2) we use a more full featured CMS like neo, and try to get a more
unified web resource releasing over time more then the old cms.

(I think favor was 1. But I am not sure.)

The second thing we need to decide is on the working approach.

1) Migrate all in a single move

2) Offer a static Archive under openoffice.org, and slowly migrate
everything to the new setup

Gregor and Dave have said that they want to look into it. Dave has time
after Apache Con.

Do we want to make a project plan? Maybe conducting weighting the steps,
maybe using a complexity matrix?

Or do we want to wait for Dave. Which would be important to note to infra.

I would really like if we would not wait for Dave, but already could
start now.

All the best


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