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Keith N. McKenna
On 11/30/2019 2:11 PM, Dag wrote:
> I have been using your program for many years with no problem, but lately I am having trouble with photos.   I add several photos to a document with no problem, but the next day some of them, not all, are gone and replaced with a note "Read Error"  Can you help me?
>    Thank you.  Dag Saunders.   
1) What Operating System & Revision
2) What Revision of Apache OpenOffice are you using

The answers to the above will go a long way to help properly diagnose
the issue.

Please reply only to [hidden email] so that more people can
provide guidance.

As you are not subscribed to the list I have sent a courtesy copy to
your e-mail address. All reply's to my personal e-mail will be
considered permission to post them to the proper list.

Keith N. McKenna

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