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request for feedback: Word 2007 citation support

Bruce D'Arcus
This is maybe a bit unorthodox, but I'd like to get feedback from  
people on what we do in the future by having you take a close look at  
what Microsoft is doing in Word 2007. They're doing something similar  
to what I think we have been envisioning (I'm convinced someone in  
Redmond has been paying attention to what we've been doing), so it's  
actually not that strange.

So for anyone that has access to a Windows (XP, or Vista) box, please  
download the public beta, and post your thoughts. Or if not, there's  
always screenshots (see below).

I think what I''m most interested in now is the citation and  
bibliography GUI. There are a few pieces of this:

1)  This screenshot here shows how you insert a bibliography (and  
choose its basic layout) and switch citation styles:


This works much more smoothly than in OOo. If you choose a different  
style from the pop-up, it automatically reformats (though if you add a  
new citation, it does not, which is a bug as far as I'm concerned).

Note: they are not (it seems) including a GUI to edits citation styles.  
I would be fine going this direction myself because easier to get  
things done right, but I wonder what others think. Would you give up a  
style GUI if you could modify a pretty simple XML file or simply  
download it transparently?

2)  These two show the citation editing interface:


I rather like it myself, and have only minor nitpicks.

3)  The "source" editing form:


4)  The "source" management GUI:


Now, the tricky part of the last two is that it's not yet clear how  
they (or we) will deal with the relation between local and remote  
records. But this is enough to get us started.


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