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request for new keyword "odf"

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - Oracle

I am requesting the new keyword "odf" for our issues.

Purpose of this keyword is to track issues which "touches" our
OpenDocument file format (ODF) implementation in various forms.
Such a keyword would allow us to create reports about our work regarding
ODF which becomes more and more important inside the ODF ecosystem.

Examples of issues which shall be marked with this new keyword are:
(1) Defects in our ODF export which produce non-conforming ODF.
[Note: For this kind of issue we already have keyword "odf_validation".
Thus the amount of issue marked with keyword "odf" include the amount of
issue which are marked with keyword "odf_validation"]
(2) Features/Enhancements in OOo which make use of previously
unsupported ODF features - import and/or export.
(3) Features/Enhancements in OOo which make use of an file format
feature which is not yet integrated into ODF.
Example: comments/annotations in presentation slides
(4) Defects in our ODF export which produce conforming ODF, but where
the interpretation of certain ODF fragments by OOo is not corresponding
to the interpretation of ODF.
Example: OOo Writer has written display="true", but meant display="none"
(5) Defects in our ODF import which does not interpret certain ODF
fragments according to the ODF specification.

Any feedback to my request?
Any objections to introduce this new keyword?

Thanks and best regards, Oliver.

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann | Oracle Open Office and ODF Standardization
Phone: +49 40 23646 500
Oracle Office GBU

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