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required/DEV300 CWS sb104 : get rid of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in build environment


          Type: required
         Title: get rid of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in build environment
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: -
         TaskId: i97992
Effective from: DEV300 CWS sb104
    CWS status: new

no modifications of LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables in build environment any more

This change is to avoid interference between libraries on the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (esp. libraries delivered to OOo's solver) and
unrelated tools executed from a build environment shell.

This change affects both the plain configure build environment and the
Sun-internal setsolar build environment.  I have tested my changes
with a variety of setups (bash vs. tcsh; configure vs. setsolar;
multiple platforms; executing builds, smoketests, performance tests,
graphical compare tests, cwscheckapi, ...), but of course not
exhaustively.  Especially on 64 bit platforms, no longer including
directories like $par_dir.$LIB64 on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in
cws/sb104/config_office/ might or might not be a

Some details:

- All places where a library path is needed to execute a tool now
explicitly set one (e.g., see uses of AUGMENT_LIBRARY_PATH, defined at
cws/sb104/solenv/inc/ l. 237 and
cws/sb104/solenv/inc/ l. 285).

- Care has to be taken in places where additions to the library path
are made and the initial library path can now be unset, as an empty
segment in LD_LIBRARY_PATH is equivalent to "." (e.g., see
cws/sb104/smoketestoo_native/ l. 607; one place at
Sun-internal cws/sb104/instset_native/util/ l. 88 is
left unchanged, as Sun-internal #159058# takes care of it independently).

- Places that in the past had to be careful to unset the library path
no longer need to do so (e.g., see smoketestoo_native/

- Tools that are built in the OOo build and only needed during later
stages of the build (e.g., xml2cmp) now all use APPnRPATH=NONE (they
will be executed with an explicitly set library path, see above).

- The rpm tool used Sun-internally for setsolar-based unxlngi6 and
unxlngx6 apparently needs a certain directory on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
(which used to be included in the now empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH).  I
worked around that problem by introducing
cws/sb104/solenv/bin/rpm-wrapper@266177, which can be removed again if
the used rpm tool ever gets fixed.

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