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[sc-features] changed/CWS csvexport : CSV export option "Quote all text cells"

Niklas Nebel-2

       Product: Spreadsheet
          Type: changed
         Title: CSV export option "Quote all text cells"
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: sc
         TaskId: i116636,i116688
Effective from: CWS csvexport
    CWS status: new

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Previously, in Calc CSV export, all content from text cells was quoted
with the selected text delimiter. Now this is optional and happens
only if the new check box "Quote all text cells" is selected. By
default, the text delimiter is added only if the cell content contains
the field delimiter, text delimiter or multiple lines.

When a CSV file is loaded and saved again without editing the filter
settings, the import option "Quoted field as text" is used for the
"Quote all text cells" option. The default for "Quoted field as text"
is now "off" (but if it's changed in the import dialog, that is still
saved as new default in the configuration).

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