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[sc-features] changed/DEV300/dr79 : Calc: Changed "DataPilot" to "Pivot Table"


       Product: Spreadsheet
          Type: changed
         Title: Calc: Changed "DataPilot" to "Pivot Table"
     Posted by: [hidden email]
      Affected: sc
         TaskId: i116540
Effective from: DEV300/dr79
    CWS status: new

Configuration [ ]
File format change [ ]
Help/ Guide [x]
Performance test [ ]
Translation [x]
UI relevant [x]

In the Calc GUI, the term "DataPilot" has been replaced with the term
"Pivot Table" (dialogs, undo actions, ...)

The default name for pivot tables has been changed from "DataPilotN"
(N being a unique number) to "PivotTableN".

The menu entry "Data -> DataPilot -> Start..." has been changed to

The context menu entry "Start..." has been changed to "Edit Layout...".

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