[sw-issues] [Issue 57470] New - Page background not saved in MS Word 2000 format

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[sw-issues] [Issue 57470] New - Page background not saved in MS Word 2000 format

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                  Issue #:|57470
                  Summary:|Page background not saved in MS Word 2000 format
                Component:|Word processor
                  Version:|OOo 2.0
               OS/Version:|Windows XP
        Status whiteboard:|
               Issue type:|DEFECT
              Assigned to:|mru
              Reported by:|chuck_hamilton

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Mon Nov  7 06:13:38 -0800 2005 -------
If you create a document with OOo 2.0 Writer that contains a page background
color or graphic and save the document in MS Word .doc format, the background
does't get saved. If you reopen the document with Writer, it's gone. Documents
saved in .odt format appear to be fine. In my example I selected the Ivy.gif
file and tiled it. The file is located in C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery.

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