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[sw-issues] [Issue 57522] New - Error when saving documents first time

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                  Issue #:|57522
                  Summary:|Error when saving documents first time
                Component:|Word processor
                  Version:|OOo 2.0
               OS/Version:|Mac OS X
        Status whiteboard:|
               Issue type:|DEFECT
              Assigned to:|mru
              Reported by:|igj

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Tue Nov  8 09:02:28 -0800 2005 -------
When saving a document for the first time since launching the application there is an error window that
Error loading BASIC of document
General Error.
General input/output error
Once the ok is clicked, the window appears one more time and then once ok is clicked again it goes
away an the document saves normally.  Any future saves in the same use are also normal wihtout the
error dialogue.  The "OpenOffice.org1.1.2" folder mentioned in the error is created when the application
is launched, its not an older installation I haven't deeleted yet.  I also run as admin on my computer so I
don't think it is a permission issue.  Thank you for your time, this is a very good office suite.

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