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[sw-issues] [Issue 57563] New - "Keep with previous" as well as "Keep with next" paragraph

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                  Issue #:|57563
                  Summary:|"Keep with previous" as well as "Keep with next"
                Component:|Word processor
                  Version:|OOo 2.0
        Status whiteboard:|
               Issue type:|ENHANCEMENT
              Assigned to:|mru
              Reported by:|andytynan

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Wed Nov  9 02:23:42 -0800 2005 -------
All the versions of Open office (and M$ Office for that matter) only allow one
paragraph to be glued to the next one.  If the desired outcome for a document
is to keep short sections together, for example a heading with a few
paragraphs, then the last paragraph has to be a different style (Not keep with
next) otherwise the whole document tries to stay together and the net effect is
as if the style were not applied.  This is simple to apply, but a pain to
maintain when the document is being worked on.

The soluton to this is to introduce a "Keep with previous" paragraph setting,
and I imagine this would be pretty simple to do (not having actually studied
the code, though).  In my case the heading(s) would have "keep with next" and
the paragraphs "keep with previous", and hey would form a coherent block.

Any one think this has merit?

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