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Re: New Pootle Account 1 reply Localization
Re: New Pootle Account 3 replies Localization
Re: Time for our first 4.2.0 beta? 1 reply Development
Re: Google+ going away on April 2, 2019 0 replies Development
Re: Google+ going away on April 2, 2019 2 replies Development
Re: OpenProj 0 replies Users
Re: what do i need to do to update our static websides 1 reply Development
Re: Greek Language Pack 0 replies Users
Re: intoduction 0 replies Quality Assurance (QA)
Re: Can't sign up for Pootle account 0 replies Localization
Re: Technical Writing Volunteer 0 replies Development
Re: [CWiki] Account Whitelisting 0 replies Development
Re: How up-to-date are the specified system requirements? 0 replies Development
Re: [discussion] get rid of NOT_AN_OOO_ISSUE 2 replies Development
Re: Segnalazione: malfunzionamento del soft. Draw 0 replies Users
Re: Insert autofields in footer no longer working 1 reply Users
Re: Status of translations in Pottle 1 reply Localization
Re: the 2-nd step after Pootle 0 replies Localization
Re: Check for Updates broken? 0 replies Development
Re: Apache Open Office 4.1.5 7 replies Users
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