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Björn Michaelsen-2
Hi list,

can somebody from the tools project clean up the webpage at It is prominently linked from the page, where dev newbies
likely end up by the click path from the frontpage "I want to
participate ... -> Programming".

IMHO the page could need:
- A big, fat link to the building guide in the wiki on the top (esp. in
  front of the background info which is way to detailed for a newbie)
- Removal of the "Downloading from CVS/Subversion pages" -- just link
  to the wiki, it is more up to date.
- Removal of the links to the static Linux and Windows Build
  instructions pages, that are better maintained in the Wiki and should
  not be duplicated here.
- Removal of the coding guidelines, which are duplicated and better
  maintained on the Wiki.

tl;dr: Can we consolidate duplicate information on static pages into
the wiki?




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