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two suggestions

I have two suggestions for the new versions:

1) add to WRITER a TEXT ROTATE 180? (="top-down") feature
(a third option after the existing rotate90? and rotate270?)

This is very useful, for example, with letters (when you want to place a
"final revelation" to be only read after having read the whole letter) or
when paging puzzles (like "game rebus"), where the solution is typically
printed upside-down.

2) make standalone downloads of each application, at least of WRITER and
IMPRESS (which are likely to be the most requested, at least for those who
migrate from microsoft office)

This would allow guys with a dial-up connection to join the OpenOffice
"family", without being discouraged by the long time requested to download
the whole package.

Keep up the great work, and thank you dearly.


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